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2019 Winter Reflection Retreats

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Columbia Gorge

Trout Lake Abbey, WA

January 12th 2019
10am to 6pm

Sandy, OR

January 26th 2019
10am to 5:30pm

Half the proceeds go to Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary!
This special day includes some Equine Assisted Learning time (weather permitting) with the wisdom of Zeb's herd under the direction of Suzi Cloutier, Zeb's founder!

Retreats are limited to 8 participants each

Retreat day: $150

Retreat includes:
Prep sheets, coaching tools and Packet
Full day of small group coaching
Light lunch and snacks 

Reflection Retreat bundle Options

Retreat & 6 weeks Private Coaching Package (save $125):  $900 
Retreat & private 90 minute Laser Coaching Package (save $75): $250 

If you're considering a Coaching package...
I offer a complimentary 30 minute fit session here to get to know each other, go over your goals and the coaching process. I would love to support you!

This retreat is a meaningful and fun experience to have with friends or teams.  Inquire for private group options in the Pacific Northwest.

If you've worked with me privately, you already know you're amazing. 

I don't use that word lightly, each of you are. Of course, life is also amazing and it quietly awaits us every day to grow open to receive the possibilities.   

The Winter Reflection Retreat is designed to support you in "refining", accepting your amazing self and the possibilities in front of you. 

Acknowledge the greatness, learn from the past and shed what's not serving you to allow the more powerful truth of your being to fully emerge and embrace what's calling your soul forward. It's all already there, waiting for you to get quiet, notice and hear its whisper. 

Let's also acknowledge there's a whole mess of things to grow from that hold us back from actualizing what we desire, even with the power we already have. Habits, hurts, fears, illness, unfinished business, overwhelm, unhealthy ties, trauma, the list goes on. Diamonds are formed under pressure, with a skilled hand we can intentionally refine ourselves to the many faceted potentials they hold. 

Life is short, if there's things you want to experience, lets help you identify what has a hold on you and work through it. We are not meant to do it all alone.

There's lastly some magic when changemakers gather with intention. Treat yourself to a circle of diverse people that offer a deeper explorative dive than we're able to do alone, be inspired by the vulnerable sharing of challenges, celebrations and desires. Bring levity to what weighs you down and take seriously what lifts you up. Get real with yourself for a full focused day and activate the life that's calling to you.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver

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About the day:

It's called a "retreat" because even though it's just a day, we create a cocoon of support to deconstruct whatever reality you've walled yourself in with and create room to reframe and manifest something that better serves who you are today. This day is about meaningful reflection, letting go and discovering your true energy that pulls you forward.

 Do you focus on uninspiring lofty goals or stew on obstacles? Mindfulness supports us to shift our perspectives to the now, unlocking truth and inspired action. From this place of reflection, beliefs can shift, courage materializes and new paths forward can emerge naturally.

What do we actually do at these things? We're honest with ourselves of what went well over the last year; what you did with your precious time, your accomplishments and what lit you up with joy. 

We get a little vulnerable, sharing our insights in this safe space, which empowers us to be vulnerable and take action in our outer life. We give 2017 an honorable closure. Making peace with challenges and defining the lessons we've learned to empower us forward, allowing renewed energy to guide 2018. 

There's a mix of guided coaching exercises... we journal, envision, meditate and help each other dig deeper than we can alone. We celebrate ourselves and let go. And eat yummy chocolate with amazingly good people. My mix of coaching tools helps you access your subconscious and truth. Using Patti Dobrowolski's Visual Goal Setting template, you draw your dreamy future and see the bold steps to get there. I ask you to go big and we seek to unlock your ability to manifest it, because you feel into the path forward and finally believe in your ability to walk it. You might see that who you are "being", has everything to do with how you can create what you seek.

Join us and see what unfolds (but kindly leave your limitations at home)

Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur or leader, your level of success hinges on the clarity of your vision and what you allow yourself to go for.

Melanie supports you to create real deal sustainable change with a mindful approach. Show up more fully for your life by releasing resistance and acknowledging your greatness, achieve more success and personal satisfaction.  

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Retreat Feedback:

Thank you so much for an incredible, inspiring, and delicious retreat (uh, yeah those choco's were yummy!). I have been rogue because things are falling into my lap on the home front and work stuff is happening too!  

You are so amazing. Thank you for pouring your energy into souls like mine. Your name has come up lots in the last weeks as friends come to me with life questions and whatnot and I say "well my life coach gave me this great advice of... .(usually "communicate boldly" - the most relevant piece!)... " :-)  You've absolutely helped me change my life and also have impacted that of many others. Please do keep doing what you're doing... it's changing the world for each of us one at a time. We need more Melanies. Thank you! 


Melanie is great for creating an environment where you can really be still, and present, where you can sit with the things that you know, and the things that you dream of, and make connections between them that you probably would not get around to on your own time. She attracts thoughtful, soulful, capable characters (like herself), who strive towards good things, and who encourage others do the same. She somehow makes it seem possible and wise to simultaneously shoot for the stars and give yourself credit for small achievements. She combines worksheets and mindfulness exercises to accommodate both the pragmatic and the mystic inclinations of the brain, and getting both sides on board.

...and the snacks are fantastic.
-Solana Joy

It was even more powerful the 2nd time around. I think this is one of the absolute necessities that I must invest in annually. It's an investment in my business and my personal development. I went with ideas and left with an absolute vision of where I'm headed for the year to come. I can now offer even more value to my customers and team. INVEST IN your personal development and watch yourself have an amazing year!!

-Lori Lishan

Diamond Wellness Advocate, doTERRA International

While I came to retreat to "figure out" my next business incarnation inspired by the animal sanctuary.. I left with so much more. Melanie crafted a thought-provoking experience that allowed me to recognize my deeper truths. Now, I feel like I'm on fire and have formally stepped into my next dream. To get onto a TedX stage with a mission that I believe in dearly. I went home and took my first steps within 24 hours! Thank you Melanie, for helping me birth my new business baby.

-Feroshia Knight

Melanie is a terrific coach. In an all-day experience with her, she helped me dig deeper into how I see myself and helped me think further and deeper of how to get to where I want to be in life - with gentleness, insight, and professionalism. I'd absolutely recommend her and look forward to working with her again.


Being on the brink of a major life change, I was easily swayed when Melanie told me there was still space in her retreat. Honestly, I was a little critical when she asked us to spend some time reflecting on the past year. My inner voice was like, "Wait. I don't want to waste time thinking about the past year. I want to get busy manifesting the year ahead!" Come to find out, Melanie has serious coaching superpowers and knew exactly what she was doing. After going through the reflection of the past year, I felt super-charged. By rooting in the strength and power of my past year's accomplishments I really feel completely capable of stepping into the year I have manifested ahead of me. In short, I came to the retreat holding a spark and left with a glowing flame.


I just attended the day retreat with Melanie and usually rarely spend time to self-reflect. I came with an open-mind, eager for the camaraderie and perspective on my life. I left with a warm heart and a drive to challenge myself and be daring. The process, including doing the preparatory homework, gave me a new lens on my life. Thank You!

-Ruth Berkowitz
writer and mediator

Biggest learning experience was to actually let people see me and working intimately with a group. I went into the retreat uncomfortable sharing my accompishments and really exposing myself. I was called out on it and then realized that people really do want to see me, my achievements, failures, joys and fears. so...I've got some homework to do.

-Charlotte Gregson

I have been taking this amazing retreat for four years now and recently came across my notes from the first year. I was just starting the process to become a non profit and remember some of the steps that I had listed (there were many-and they seemed totally overwhelming) to get to our status AND to grow the organization. Above it I wrote "arrrrghhhh! This is never going to happen" then I had crossed it out and wrote "This WILL happen".  

I am delighted to report that today, we are not only a non profit but a growing, thriving, self sustaining one at that! Melanie helped me get 'unstuck' to pursue this dream......thank you Melanie for seeing my unlimited potential, even when I can't!

-Suzi Cloutier

Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary

I felt profoundly peaceful about all this relationship turmoil and inner turmoil that's been getting to me lately. The interaction with the animals was deeply moving and I was surprised at what I learned just by observing them and by Suzi's education about them.
-Marcia Powell

The best part about the solopreneur retreat for me was the way in which really taking a moment out to be guided and supported proved to be invaluably nourishing to my sense of accomplishment. Had I not invested my time in this way with Melanie I don't think I would have acknowledged and realized all the ways I have grown and changed as a person in the last year. I was unexpectedly surprised by how the activities of the day moved me to such emotion at times. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Melanie. I will definitely return next year.

I took a look at the materials from last year’s retreat, my intention for the retreat was to “clarify, focus and get energy behind my intentions” Holy cow!  
At the time, I was working on a variety of projects but they didn’t all necessarily make sense for me. I was volunteering too much, working on some projects I felt like I “should” but I wasn’t excited about and I was committed to a number of projects that supported other people, but not my own goals for my business. 

Through the retreat I was able to generate a word for my year which was “purpose.” I needed my projects to have a purpose and be in line with my previously identified values of connection, vibrancy, gratitude and integrity. After the retreat I worked throughout the year to finish previous commitments and transition them to other willing people. I was able to deepen my commitments that were in line with my values and had business growth in new and some unexpected ways. 

I’m always able to check new projects against my values that you helped me identify and it’s given me a guiding beacon as I grow and deepen my work in the world and in my business. I’m grateful to you for the help you’ve given me and am looking forward to this years reflection retreat.


Melanie is an incredible listener, facilitator, space holder, and intuitive and compassionate leader. She is very grounded and resourceful. She not only leads but works right along side you, creating a safe container for processing and doing the deep work we all come to do. 

I am so grateful that I was able to attend her Reflection Retreat. I was feeling so stuck and like I hadn't accomplished much last year at all. But by the end of the day, I not only felt empowered and capable, but confident in myself, my process, and my goals for next year. She helped me to be compassionate with myself, and to see that I really had accomplished more than I realized. She encourages us to reach for the stars and that the stars are very reachable, and that the value of personal growth and giving myself space to process is not measurable or something to be judged. Thank you!


I thought I was helping Melanie out by taking one of the last slots in her visioning retreat -you know, supporting a friend even though I didn't really need coaching. After all, I feel like I'm pretty organized, productive and generally clear about what I want to get done. OMG, it was amazing. 

I have a bad habit of not stopping to appreciate the things I've done so when we simply took the time to list them out, it was eye-opening and energizing. Then, when we looked ahead to the next year, it was more than just listing out a series of bullet points and goals. She told us, 'don't worry if it's even possible or not, just think big for a moment.' So I let myself imagine a crazy, unrealistic ideal. And I included everything I've been dreaming about and meaning to get done for years. Why not? Now, twelve months later I need to take her retreat again because I've completed it all. 

I accomplished more with 4 hours with Melanie than I have in 14 years on my own. I tease her that it's the Melanie magic. And I happily budget for it now. 

     -Emily Reed

Looking forward to playing with you again. This will be the 4th end of year opportunity to celebrate my "opportunities for growth" (the challenges and joys of my life). Reflecting, collaging and journaling have been a very useful processes for me to look at my past and remember the lessons, experiences and gifts that significantly effected my way of thinking and being in the world... sharing all this with the wonderful people that are participating is also very fun and rewarding. Looking forward to number four. 


I feel like I've taken a deep breath and am reentering the world with a renewed awareness.


It is such a gift to step into the space that Melanie creates to learn from my challenges and successes and to find the courage to carry on toward my dreams.


As I re-enter the world today, I do so with a sense of a greater connection to the whole. I do not feel like I am alone on this journey. We are all struggling with what are essentially the same issues, if viewed from the core. I feel that I am now more fully able to meet that voice that says 'you don't have enough' with: of what? Why not? Do I need it? if so, when and how am I going to change this? Because I can.


I am so glad that I attended Melanie's 2014 Reflection Retreat. The process helped me to refocus on the values that are most important to me, and to realize where I had been sabotaging myself. I have renewed energy and inspiration for the coming year!

-Faith is hard to find words to do justice to this experience. On a scale of 1 to 10 my overall rating is 11. The mix of guided meditation, alone time, and sharing was really nice. It is hard to choose a favorite because it all flowed together. The overall feeling I got from participating was my favorite. I can't think of a more productive way to spend a Saturday. Time seemed to expand in the space created by this experience. I can already think of 2 friends who would benefit from working with you.


I feel like this retreat helped me put my finger on the core things that matter to my journey in living authentically.  It helped me realize that those things are worth building my life around because they are the things that create joy and vitality in my life.  The retreat spurred me to believe in my vision and my ability to achieve it!



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