Client Feedback:

As a CPA, I know a lot about business concepts. But as I entered the world of self-employment two years ago, it was important for me to define and grow my business in a way that reflected my personal strengths and values, not just the bottom line. Participating in the group solopreneur coaching program provided a thoughtful path and year-long journey to discovering what I was best at and who my ideal clients were. Sharing the journey and experiences with a group of diverse women was also a joy and of great value to share ideas and solutions. Melanie's guidance and one-on-one coaching helped to hold us accountable to our goals and to see new and exciting possibilities for our businesses. I highly recommend this group format for anyone that is just starting a business or who is looking to redefine and create their ideal business vision. 

Aimee Foster CPA, Portland, OR 

My partner and I began seeing Melanie in year 3 of starting our own business. We were working around the clock and weren't  making time for family and other hobbies and interests.  We seemed to be working frantically but without a clear plan or idea of what we wanted and where we were going.  After just a few sessions, Melanie helped us focus in on our values which helped us focus our attention.  After the Aha moment we had at each session, the business always picked up!  We call it Melanie Magic but it's really just getting clear about what motivates us, what we want and focusing our attention on tasks and projects that support our vision. As a small business owner it's easy to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.  Melanie helps you muck through the To Do list and figure out what really matters.  Now we work hard but we work smarter and life and work seem more manageable and successful. Thank you Melanie!

Lisa K.

I am a very satisfied customer of Melanie McCloskey’s coaching services. I found Melanie to be very skilled in coaching technique, equipped with a toolbox of methods and exercises to facilitate our work, and most of all, very intuitive. I felt ushered along in a process that included many new insights, true “aha!” moments that changed my own thinking in a positive way. I came to Melanie to clarify some life goals. I feel very clear now on what they are, and more importantly, how well they fit with who I am and what’s important to me. Thank you Melanie!!!

Nancy, Entrepreneur, NY

I am a highly organized, goal-oriented person who is actually quite motivated to get things done.  As a small business owner, it is easy to get caught in the minutia of the daily details such that sometimes I can lose steam for the larger goals that I have.  Melanie did an excellent job holding me accountable for some big goals I have beyond the day to day.  I hired her, as a coach, to be my "temporary boss". Her work helped guide me through some powerful mental shifts.  I now have a renewed sense of inspiration and gusto to infuse into my business and life in general. I highly recommend Melanie to help hold YOU accountable for achieving your heart's desires.

Jennifer Silape, ND

I took the opportunity to work with Melanie in her two areas of expertise, Coaching and Reiki. I found they complimented each other well.

She was a great coach for me in the areas of personal finances and building my business. Being a single mother while working for agencies and trying to build a private psychotherapy practice was very challenging. Melanie helped me understand my relationship to money, make shifts, gain control and feel the abundance and freedom I was striving for. At first it was daunting as we set goals for savings, retirement, budgeting.... and when I stopped resisting and followed her lead, after just one year I have met many of the goals we had set.
I also had her work with my teenage son around the realities of his upcoming responsibilities with saving for and purchasing a car, preparing for college and his financial future. I am proud of of how he has taken charge of school, his finances and his direction in life since working with Melanie.

Melanie helped me energetically to be more grounded and clear with her gentle touch and spiritual bend through the Reiki sessions. Her wisdom and insight were amazing.

Thank you Melanie! Your skills, knowledge, compassion and dedication to your work are appreciated. I highly recommend you to anyone seeking balance and change.

Loraine G Madian, MA LMHC

I am a highly motivated person by nature and I didn’t think I needed a life coach, but something was pulling me to work with Melanie.  I am so very grateful that I did. I was embarking on some life changes, starting up a small business and I wanted to keep things moving in a positive direction. Coaching seemed like a good thing to try.

The following 3 months of coaching held amazing growth and change for me as I processed emotions and cleaned the clutter that I hadn’t realized were there holding me back. Melanie has a way of listening to many thoughts, feelings and ideas and is able to pick out the main theme that I am needing to hear and focus on. I could talk in circles and she would point out the things that I kept returning to. This was significant in helping me to focus and get clear, detailed goals. She does this in a compassionate and neutral way where I never felt judged or pushed. During the sessions I freed up space so I could grow and thrive on my path towards my dreams.

Things just started to happen! Great things and powerful changes. I was happy before, but now I am feeling even more fulfilled and confident in making healthy, good things happen in my life. The power of having a support person is amazing. I could always feel Melanie’s energy pulling along with my own. She has a gift of helping others recognize their potential and seeing all the possibilities that lie before us. I would recommend Melanie’s coaching to everyone! Thank you Melanie for your amazing self! And thank you for providing me some necessary tools to aid in continuing my journey towards my dreams. You helped me to see the power in myself that could manifest all that I am working towards. I see even greater things to come and I’ll be seeking out Melanie’s coaching energy again, you can count on that.

Eileen Rock

Massage Therapist

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, dissatisfied with some aspects of your career or work/life balance, then coaching is a great option for you.  You have the power to make really amazing changes in your life, you just need some help getting organized and getting it done!  Melanie is a natural coach- with great communication skills and lots of helpful tools.  I have been getting coaching over the past year and I am hooked.  It has helped me take control of my business in a positive way and find greater amounts of free time for my family and me.

Bridgit Danner, LAc
Owner Blue Sky Wellness Studio

  • What really defines me?
  • What are my core values and beliefs?
  • How do I want to spend my time, with who, doing what?
  • What is really important to me?
  • What gives my life purpose and meaning?
  • What gets in the way of my feeling at peace?
  • How do I feed my positive self?
  • How do I be grateful for what I have and not focus on what I don't have? 

These are some of the questions I was able to formulate and begin to address with Melanie's guidance and support. She is a great listener, insightful and a skilled coach.

I am grateful for the time and energy I spent  working with her because I can honestly say I struggle less, am more intentional in my activities and am happier with my life.


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Retreat Feedback:

As always Melanie brings integrity and sincerity to her fun and productive work. I always come away from my time with her with renewed inspiration and a clearer vision of the path ahead!  
Sarah Reese, LAc is hard to find words to do justice to this experience. On a scale of 1 to 10 my overall rating is 11. The mix of guided meditation, alone time, and sharing was really nice. It is hard to choose a favorite because it all flowed together. The overall feeling I got from participating was my favorite. I can't think of a more productive way to spend a Saturday. Time seemed to expand in the space created by this experience. I can already think of 2 friends who would benefit from working with you.

This workshop helped me recognize my past accomplishments and expand my vision to create the future me! 
Kathy F.

"Take a chance, worth every penny!"

Keri A.

On the whole, I had a marvelous day. Which isn't surprising when one is among marvelous people. You attracted a very nice, grounded, heart-felt group of people, and you are definitely one of those yourself. The energy in the room was very reassuring, calming and warm.

Your themes of curiosity, resonance and alignment worked well for me. All are important in my life just now. The centering meditation was a wonderful way to bring everyone into the same space, and when the first round of sharing took place, I think all of us quickly sensed that we were among friends and felt safe. I think the sharing session, the group icebreaker, was a very important element of your day. It was 10 on my scale.
The second most useful exercise for me turned out to be the ideal scene meditation. Some truly enlightening and important things for me came through. Another 10. I loved the final element - finding our "word". Condensing intention to one word is a good exercise. And it was so interesting to see what each person chose. All in all, I'd recommend this kind of session, for many people I know. And I'll keep that in mind for sure.

I sense you have a nice depth of knowledge that might be tapped productively for others through other types of groups or workshops. And thanks so much for your insights and sensitivity. You seem very mindful and present, and you seemed to find resonance with all of us very quickly. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you.

                                                                                                                                                 2012 participant

I thought I was helping Melanie out by taking one of the last slots in her visioning retreat last year -you know, supporting a friend even though I didn't really need any coaching. After all, I feel like I'm pretty organized, productive and generally clear about what I want to get done. OMG, it was amazing.  I have a bad habit of not stopping to appreciate the things I've done so when we simply took the time to list them out, it was eye-opening and energizing. Then, when we looked ahead to the next year, it was more than just listing out a series of bullet points and goals.  She told us, 'don't worry if it's even possible or not, just think big for a moment.' So I let myself imagine a crazy, unrealistic ideal. And I included everything I've been dreaming about and meaning to get done for years. Why not? Now, twelve months later I need to take her retreat again because I've completed it all. I accomplished more with 4 hours with Melanie than I have in 14 years on my own. I tease her that it's the Melanie magic. And I happily budget for it now.

     Emily Reed

"I feel like this retreat helped me put my finger on the core things that matter to my journey in living authentically.  It helped me realize that those things are worth building my life around because they are the things that create joy and vitality in my life.  The retreat spurred me to believe in my vision and my ability to achieve it!"

"I love deepening my awareness in the presence of others.  It becomes a shared experience, a building of a trusting loving community."

"Very helpful!  I loved the visualization!"

"Compassion and emotional acknowledgement can melt steel and heal the impacts of death."

"Excellent process encouraging paradigm shift of investing in dreams.  Very inspirational."

"Really enjoyed Melanie's energy.  She guided our group through a wonderful process.  I especially loved the visualizations"

"I feel calm and revitalized"

"As a first time life coaching client, I was nervous coming into the session.  I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and this has given me a great start on my journey."

"Melanie lead a successful workshop with a group of lovely women.  The words and descriptions Melanie offered assisted beautifully to gain insight into ourselves and each other.  Thank you!"

"A good opportunity for women to share and feel supported"

"The session was wonderful, I felt grateful to have this experience."

February 2012 group participants


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