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What is coaching?

Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment. 

-International Coaching Federation (ICF)

I support you with:

  • Transitions and Transformation
  • Aligning with your truth 
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Success as a Solopreneur
  • Shifting from Panic to Powerful in life or after Cancer
  • Personal growth
  • Holistic wellness


Coaching helps you gain a new level of clarity and holds you accountable to leverage your values and strengths to achieve your goals and truly enjoy life. All the while getting support through the big stuff with grace.

Most importantly, coaching provides a structure for self discovery that leads to you really "getting" you... What you value, your unique needs, what motivates you... nourishing you to a solid foundation, so you can fully show up as yourself in life and for those you love. Beware, engaging in coaching can eerily result in effortless manifestations and sustainable changes!

How does it work?

Coaching is both personal and professional. We focus on your needs and goals, creating natural momentum and inspiring growth at a pace that holds you accountable and creates change, all within a sacred safe container.

First off, we have a "fit" call to get to know each other. We cover how the coaching process works, where you are, your challenges and desires and if coaching is the right fit for you now.

Moving forward... 

We start with 2 in depth sessions called "Discovery". These give you a clearer picture of who you are right here, now. With an empowering birds eye view of your life, your unique strengths and values, what's truly important to focus on becomes clear. By facing your fears and choices, those magical next steps may naturally appear that drive your decisions and lead to your happiness.

You're empowered to take the reins after Discovery using your sessions however you like. We help you where you are on your journey each time, cutting through mental clutter, dissolving pesky limiting beliefs, finding new perspectives, creating momentum and lovingly keeping you in action so you manifest the change you want. All the while receiving consistent support that is compassionate and nonjudgmental holding you accountable to be your best. 

I recommend a minimum of three months of coaching for sustainable transformation. Packages are designed to create sustainable change supporting you through the natural ups and downs of personal growth. Email, text and phone support are included to keep you going as well as tailored coaching tools to keep you growing. I love celebrating progress as well as offering support through the challenges. 

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